Namsan Tour of Tower

I didn’t Want to go to namsan tower with my mum because I went there 4 times before, but it turns out there was more to explore…

I did my books and my mum said we should go to namsan tower but because i had been there 4 times before I really didn’t want to go. Of course my mom made me go So I was bit grumpy to start with. When we got to namsan tower it looked boring as usual and crowded as usual with lots of rude Chinese tourists taking selfies in the middle of the foot path. We decided to have lunch we looked at all the restaurants and they all were the same price as a pizza (6 dollars) but all you got was a rice rolled in rice with fake ham, some yellow pickles and some fake crap strips. So we ended up having CU (convenience store)  for lunch. We explored around Namsan tower and  realized there were some stairs so we decided to see what was down there. It turned out there was about 5 floors of restaurants. We also found a 3D screen testing area where we hanged around for a while.  We walked home through the mountain to our house where I started writing this post for a while. Even though I knew most of namsn tower I liked the trip because It was a cool place I didn’t know about.

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