General Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin was a very brave truthful and respectable general. He won 100% of all the battles he got involved in and he wasn’t corrupt at all unlike most of the corrupt and unfair generals.


Early Life

It all started when Yi was a child. He dreamed of being in the Korean army so that’s what he did when he grew up. In 1576, Yi passed the military examination. He became a very good general. Because of lots of corrupt high ranking people and jealous colleague’s he got kicked out of the army a lot.


Life as a General

In 1583, he lured the Jurchen into battle, defeated them, and captured their chief.  Yi then spent three years out of the army  because of his father’s death. After his return, Yi led successful campaigns against the Jurchen.


Japanese Invasions

In 1592, Hideyoshi gave the order to invade Korea and use it as a base to conquer China. After the Japanese attacked Busan, Yi began his naval operations from his headquarters at Yeosu. Despite never having commanded a naval battle in his life, he won the Battle of Okpo, Battle of Sacheon, and several others in quick succession. His victories made the Japanese generals suddenly wary of the threat at sea.

When the Japanese were attacking he invented the turtle ship which was a real success. The Japanese invaded again and took over Korea except for a small village on the edge of Korea because untrained soldiers and corrupt officials. But then general Yi Recovered lots of the seas near Korea from the Japanese thanks to his good turtle ships.

Yi Sunshin’s Last Battle

Once Toyotomi Hideyoshi died the Japanese didn’t want to keep fighting the Koreans so they asked for a peace treaty but because of all the Koreans the Japanese killed the Koreans decided they did not want to sign the peace treaty so the Chinese and Koreans decided to fight together against the Japanese but the Chinese weren’t used to fighting the Japanese so they just went near the japanese instead of range attacking so the Chinese general got surrounded and almost got killed. So General Yi came in to the rescue saved the Chinese general but general Yi  got killed by a bullet from the Japanese.


Overall Korea may not have lost as many people to Japan if they weren’t so corrupt and disorganized. If they kept Yi sun shin as a military leader and didn’t fire him so many times they may not have lost thousands of people. General Yi was definitely a very dedicated, brave and non corrupt  person.




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